Magtec Corporation is known for marketing excellence among its world wide customers and vendors, providing highly effective global marketing services to both the domestic market in the US and to a wide variety o international markets.

Innovation is Central at Magtec

Food and Paper Marketing

In addition to having superior marketing and distributing services, Magtec is also a master importer, selling product to whole sellers and to distributors who serve major retail chains. Magtec is always on the lookout for outstanding new products, while its marketing team works hard to discover innovative ways and means for the most efficient distribution of their vendor's products.

Numerous retail chains carry Magtec's products. A few of these chains are: Wal-Mart, Publix Supermarket, Winn Dixie Supermarkets, Bravo Supermarkets, Pricechoice Supermarket, Navarro Pharmacy Discount, Fiesta Supermarket, as well as many more.

Comprehensive Array of Marketing Services

Magtec has a wide range of marketing services, offering both manufacturers and the end user a comprehensive array of outstanding services. Magtec exceeds the efforts of its competitors in its attention to every customer's needs and to the exceptional care of products, whether they are warehoused or in transit.

The focus on innovation makes Magtec's services modern and cutting-edge. Magtec is rightfully proud of its marketing specialists. They are a highly trained, conscientious team for whom it is of paramount importance to provide the very best service possible for their customers and their products.

In addition, the Magtec marketing team is culturally diverse, speaking fluent Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese and English. They seamlessly carry out scores of multi-lingual transactions in the course of an ordinary business day.

Magtec's Far-Reaching Connections

As providers of marketing services in the realms of paper and Petrochemical products, Magtec's connections are well-forged and far-reaching. It takes time, effort, experience, perseverance, good-nature and a vision to develop these connections. Customers and vendors have thus availed themselves of an incredible advantage when choosing to put their distribution and marketing in Magtec's very capable hands.

Marketing products at Magtec means that solutions are designed with the buyer's and the seller's trading cycles central to all components of the plan. With this perspective, every sort of risk that can arise from putting together "what is available" with "what is needed" is vastly minimized. Such planning takes considerable marketing savvy and knowledge, with great attention to detail. Fortunately, Magtec has those attributes, as well as the many other talents and skills required to succeed in producing even the most complicated marketing plan.

Leaders in Global Marketing & Distribution