Magtec Corporation Financial Solutions

For 10 years, Magtec has been an outstanding source for creating a marketing plan that ensure optimal success of the placement of petrochemical and paper products through its distribution channels. Magtec is known for its reliable and dependable service, and because of this, has formed alliances with major paper mills and several major petrochemical companies.

Magtec's Business Model

Business Financing

The business model that Magtec employs allows them to truly outstrip the competition, as it offers financing for vendors. Competitors require upfront fees before any distribution or marketing plan is put into place. But the savvy and world-market place sensibilities of Magtec utilizes the logic that a good product needs support at the outset. Magtec is set up to assist its customers with this business paradigm.

When a potential customer offers their products to Magtec, it's determined if the products and Magtec's services are a good fit. After this is decided, Magtec then structures financing for its new customer. Whether the business is paper products or petrochemical products, Magtec will set up either a payment plan or a line of credit, while requiring no up-front fees from the customer. The focus is on forward motion - getting the product or products into the appropriate distribution channels and, as expeditiously as possible, into the hands of the consumer. As a master importer, Magtec is also completely apprised of the various venues for sub-distribution of products.

Magtec's First-Class Business Practices

Typical out-of-the-gate financing can be the end of the road before even getting started for some businesses. The advantage of financing new customers that Magtec offers is undeniably superior and a display of first-class business practices. Magtec puts its belief in its business and its customers' businesses before all other considerations. Magtec works hard to get the products it supports distributed, a fact confirmed by backing its belief in the customers' products with its own money.

Because Magtec is present in much of the western hemisphere, its employees are not only highly experienced, but they are also culturally diverse, communicating fluently in Spanish, Portuguese, English and Chinese. This broad-based experience allows Magtec to effectively approach logistics regionally and internationally. Magtec's team knows the different markets from giant cities to small towns.

Magtec also understands where a product will thrive and where it will not. Individual businesses are therefore able to take advantage of the knowledge and sources that Magtec has forged, while continuing with their total focus on the production of their goods.

Magtec Out-Performs the Competition

Customers at both ends of the distribution chain - those who provide products and those who receive products - know that they can rely on Magtec for exceptional service. Magtec out-performs the competition, but its performance doesn't stop there. Always looking for ways to excel yet further in customer service and customer satisfaction, Magtec is focused on classic good business tactics as well as cutting edge innovations.

Supporting businesses by financing the distribution relationship is just one of the several ways Magtec provides exceptional quality and outstanding service, while also communicating its belief in its customers and their products.

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