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A company may have a stellar product, but that product will not attain its full potential until it is in the appropriate and far-reaching distribution channels.

Forging a Distribution Chain


A distribution channel is a chain of intermediaries moving a product along to its destination. This chain is not easily forged, and companies who have worked hard to produce or manufacture their product and to establish their business are wise to recruit the services of a business that ha s this chain well-forged and strong.

Magtec is skilled at restructuring a brand or a product and then penetrating new markets that the company by itself could only effect through considerable trial and error, with unnecessary expenditure of time, money and other resources, or perhaps never succeed in accessing at all.

Magtec's Extensive Experience

Years of experience have gained Magtec a sophisticated network of distribution channels serving the paper and Petrochemical industries throughout the US, Central America and South America. Magtec ensures that a manufacture's product is distributed to the optimum outlets and in the most dynamic positioning possible. With Magtec's distribution channels, it is possible for a product to suddenly take off when made available in a new city or country.

When engaging Magtec for the purpose of accessing the power of its reputation with its distribution channels, a company is placing its products ahead of the competition.

A manufacturer may realize that it has an outstanding product, but it is still dependent upon the retailer, as it is the retailer who makes the ultimate choice which products will be bought and therefore, available to the consumer. The retailer is often largely motivated by his or her own subjective tastes, and the end consumer may never have a chance to respond to, nor to see or purchase, an outstanding product.

The Power of Reputation

A company making its products available to Magtec's extensive channel distribution resources can eliminate the wall-hitting scenario. Magtec will not only place products in the appropriate channels, but will also make sure the products are appropriately handled and cared for.

There are many advantages for a company that employs the services of Magtec, such as more products moved for much less expenditure with the support of a highly experienced, educated and sophisticated team, and a business with an impeccable reputation, standing behind a company's product. Magtec ensures premier placement into many venues, where products will thrive.

From Manufacturer to Consumer

With superb marketing and distribution skills, Magtec knows what it requires to strategically place a product in an international market. Magtec has a global database of customers and vendors with whom it works to provide a world-class web of distribution. An extensively experienced, highly trained and culturally diverse staff is well-equipped to exceed all expectations in the world's current fast-shifting and demanding market. There are many potential hang-ups in a distribution channel. It is one place in the overall concerns of a business where there is no mistaking the need for an experienced, trained, knowledgeable, strong-communicating, professional and understanding distributor.

Magtec Adds Efficiency to the Distribution Chain

The foregoing list of attributes defines Magtec. Customers and vendors know that Magtec adds efficiency to the distribution chain. It does thousands of specialized tasks, day in and day out, that businesses at either end - the manufacturer at one end and the retailer at the other - need not spent time or energy trying to accomplish.

Magtec has distribution centers in Miami, New Jersey, Savannah, Houston, Los Angeles and Seattle. It also has 2 distributions centers in Ontario, CA and Breinigsville, PA for the office furniture e-commerce division At these distribution centers are state-of-the-art, modern warehouses, preserving various products at their optimum, until their transport all over the world.

Cultural Diversity and Sensitivity

Another advantage of Magtec's distribution chain is that Magtec's staff speaks Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish and English. With extensive cultural diversity among the staff, they are ready not only to speak the language, but are also sensitive to subtle cultural nuances, which is helpful when interacting with people and businesses from all over the world.

Magtec is committed to customers and vendors receiving the ultimate in service and attention for their products. While distribution is central to the business, Magtec knows that all of the business of distribution and logistics is about people, and for Magtec, people come first.

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