Petrochemical Division
Petrochemical Division
Petrochemical Division

Magtec Corporation : Petrochemical Division

Synthetic Resins and Chemicals - Trading Company

Magtec Corporation is a professional trading/distributing company mainly engaged in import and export polymer resins. We have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience in international trade, professional sales, and operation teams in the industry. We also have been actively exploring and developing in international trade to foster our advantages. Currently, we import and export world’s major brand products and establish long-term stable cooperation with globe wide suppliers in over 10 countries.

To ensure the steady growth in imports and exports, we actively develop the domestic and international market to promote the growth of the business.

Petrochemical Division

Telephone: 305.537.3716

Magtec focus on trading in petrochemicals and research. We would like to be a bridge between global suppliers and manufacturers. We also establish equal and mutually beneficial trading platform for customers with fast and efficient service.

Magtec's Impeccable Services

Our key elements are faster decision making, a good management infrastructure, a reliable and dependable service in Sales, Financing, Intelligence and Logistics. Furthermore, we provide Port to Port services directly from our suppliers to our customer base. Our modern management infrastructure, combined with highly trained and experienced staff, enables us to meet and exceed the expectations of a constantly growing and changing market. Our customers have always received a high level of quality and a great service.

Magtec constantly seeks the best way to care for its customers, researching new technology and cutting-edge innovations to discover any improvements on the marketing and distribution of every product. The staff of Magtec prides itself on leading the industry in the know-how provided by their sales staff, their marketing team and their logistics specialists.

People First

Customers and suppliers always come first. Magtec not only strives to be first in technology, but it is also a point of pride to be first in friendly, helpful and informative inter-personal interaction. Magtec is in the business of marketing and distributing plastic and rubber, but they understand that they are also in a "people business." And people - Magtec's customers - are priority number one. In addition to all the other services, Magtec also offers financial planning and financial assistance that is unparalleled in the plastic and rubber marketing and distribution industry.

Leaders in Global Marketing & Distribution