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Magtec Corporation: Paper Logistics

Paper Logistics

When it comes to logistics in the paper industry, Magtec Corporation is a leader among its competitors in every aspect of marketing and distribution.

Strong relationships with suppliers and customers, built up internationally and over time, give Magtec the edge, as timely delivery of the best products is of paramount importance in the printing industry.

Global Presence

Magtec's global presence is made up of a supply network from around the world that includes product from China, Indonesia, Europe, Brazil and the US, and a distribution network throughout the western hemisphere inclusive of Canada, the US, Mexico, Central America, and in South America; Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Argentina and Brazil.

Access to an inclusive and extensive base of superior products from these international suppliers not only allows Magtec to provide the best products to end users, but it also contributes to a green sensibility by pragmatically matching up locale of product with the most economical route to end user.

Shrinking, Digital World

Paper Division

With the world shrinking rapidly, it's a wise strategy for any business to align with a logistically savvy company, capable of taking a business to an entirely advanced level in the world market.

It's a digital world, but that doesn't mean that there's not a relationship among the people who run the businesses, staff the printshop, or are employed by Magtec. If anything, a personal interaction is more important than ever in order for a company and its business not to get set aside or buried.

Magtec has a culturally diverse staff that fluently speaks English, Chinese, Portuguese and Spanish. They are capable of reaching out all around the world with a personal touch that includes the most remote customer's native language.

Magtec has developed long-term partnerships with customers based on loyalty. The reliable delivery of powerful and creative solutions to any number of problematic scenarios, as well as the demonstration of innovative thinking, all attached to unflaggingly pleasant service, has proven Magtec to be more than just a business partner. In the logistical channels of supply and demand, Magtec is appreciated for making business run smoother with polite good-nature.

The Logistics Team

Magtec's logistics team works hand-in-glove with customers at all times. They are completely versed in handling all the various types of documentation encountered in the transport and sale of goods, whether in the customer's native country or abroad. Mactec's long and vast experience with forest products shipping to different regions, combined with the close relationship with major carriers and forwarding companies, thus achieving economies of scale, which in turn allows us to quote the safest, most reliable and competitive shipping options.

Keeping track of trucking companies, ship brokers, railways, terminals and so forth is only a part - but a very important part - of Magtec's many skills.The logistics team handles container shipments, documentation services, bulk shipments, order tracking, insurance, the inspection of goods and any and all contract negotiations. Whatever a particular company needs, Magtec is there for them.

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