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Magtec Corporation: Paper Financial Support

Magtec Corporation partners with paper manufacturers to ensure their optimal success in the retail and wholesale markets, offering logistics, distribution and marketing solutions with a global presence.

Quality Products

Paper Financing

Paper manufacturers who believe they have a great product can arrange to meet with Magtec to discuss engaging their services and also to discuss financial support. Magtec understands that a good product needs support at the outset. If Magtec feels that the paper manufacturer is a good match for its services, it will finance marketing and distribution of their paper products.

While most of Magtec's competitors require upfront fees, Magtec believes in the success of its logistical approach in the marketing and distribution of products to the extent that it backs its vendors with financial support. Through financial planning, Magtec will set up a line of credit or a payment plan for vendors with whom they agree to partner, and then move forward with the business of marketing and distribution.

Significant Economies of Scale

Paper Division

Because Magtec has years of wide-spread experience in marketing and distributing forest products, it has developed close relationships with major carriers and shipping companies. With this foundation, Magtec is able to achieve significant economies of scale for those companies with whom it works. This causes the average cost per unit of product to fall considerably as the scale of production dramatically increases due to the increase in demand for product.

Forward Motion

Magtec's attention is upon forward motion. Expeditiously getting the paper products of its partners into distribution channels, and thus into the hands of the end user, is the focus of the Magtec team.

Magtec is always advancing its business by keeping apprised of potential new customers, new vendors, and new print and retail businesses that desire to grow their business in an international market.

Success Throughout the Distribution Chain

The upfront financing required by other logistics companies can result in minimal growth, or even possible business failure for new or restructured companies. But in Magtec's experience, it has been shown that standing behind a great product at the outset can - and does - spell success. This success accrues not only to the paper manufacturer, but to every link in the distribution chain, from Magtec to vendor to end user.

It's a win-win paradigm and has viably demonstrated that it is a successful model.

Another advantage of doing business with Magtec is its culturally diverse staff. Fluently speaking Spanish, English, Chinese and Portuguese, they are capable of handling every unforeseen situation with grace and ease, in the native language of customers, shippers and end users around the world. In addition, the important connections that Magtec has developed over the years serve to improve transactions and interactions every step of the way.

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