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Magtec Corporation: Paper Division

Magtec Paper

Magtec Corporation is a private company based in Miami, Florida, USA, which has grown significantly since its establishment in 2001. The company specializes in developing markets in the United States, Central America and Brazil for selective products.

The main advantages are the logistics solutions, financial and purchasing intelligence offered to our customers, as well as agility in decision making, confiability and excellence in service. Magtec stands out with:

Port to Port Services

Paper Division

An outstanding feature among the many advantages Magtec offers its customers is port to port services, transporting paper product directly from suppliers to the customer. This is a huge advantage in terms of time and money, and can be significant on both accounts to the bottom line of a business. Magtec's cutting-edge, 21st century mindset and management makes this business stand out from its competitors.

Exceptional Staff, Exceptional Services

With a staff that is equaled by none, Magtec not only meets, but exceeds the high level of expectations that a world of rapidly changing and growing markets requires. Attending to the needs of all the businesses in the distribution channel is Magtec's forte, with a strong corporate commitment to satisfied customers.

The staff is highly trained, extensively experienced, and culturally diverse, speaking fluent Chinese, English, Spanish and Portuguese. With these unparalleled details in place, it is inevitable that businesses will successfully grow.

Magtec's Philosophy

Magtec's philosophy is not only about growing businesses, it is also about assuring that employees are treated with the same attitude of value as customers. With a clear understanding that people make a company and people make a business, Magtec takes the word "service" seriously. Magtec's provision of a comprehensive range of services, based on extensive knowledge and experience, is what its customers have learned they can totally rely upon.


Magtec works with outstanding paper manufacturers around the world. Some of the papers it markets and distributes are, for publishing: LWC - light weight coated, Newsprint and MWC - medium weight coated. The packaging papers include: natural kraft, bleached kraft, kraft linerboard, white top, carton board, corrugated board and food wrapping paper. And the fine papers marketed and distributed are: bond paper, cut size paper and offset paper.

Globally Responsible View

Magtec takes a globally responsible position regarding the production of papers and the harvesting and management of the world's forests. To that end, they are members of the FSC - the Forest Stewardship Council, a world-based independent, non-governmental, not-for-profit organization focused on the long-range care and management of forests.

Magtec's Network

Magtec's distribution network ranges from Canada to Argentina, and suppliers come from around the world including the US, Brazil, Europe, Indonesia and China.

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