Magtec Corporation: International Logistics

International Logistics

Magtec Corporation is a logistics provider with the international status of providing superior distribution services to its customers and vendors. In alliance with suppliers and logistic service providers worldwide, Magtec's international customer database serves a domestic US market as well as intercontinental markets.

Magtec has a stellar reputation with a proven record of success in the International distribution of products. Magtec's staff is made up of experts who are attentive to an ever-changing and rapidly growing market. In addition to being extremely knowledgeable about International logistics, Magtec employees are focused on the relationship forged with each of its customers and vendors. Magtec's culturally diverse staff, composed of people who speak fluent English, Portuguese, Spanish and Chinese, makes establishing a global presence entirely accessible for customers and vendors.

Logistical Perspective

Magtec's logistical perspective centers around a focus of the highest caliber of distribution and services that can be provided. A global reach works to procure many products from numerous vendors, which, in turn, serves a wide range of customers. Modern, state-of-the-art distribution centers with warehouses in Miami, New Jersey, Savannah, Houston, Los Angeles and Seattle, provide the very best quality of storage, assuring that the product leaving the manufacturer is in the same condition when it reaches its final destination.

Magtec strives to provide the best services available for International logistics and to that end, it is constantly researching cutting edge technology for warehousing and distributing goods. The Magtec staff is proud of leading the industry with its logistics specialists.Magtec maintains the ultimate in distribution services for its vendors and customers. With the cooperation of worldwide logistic service providers, Magtec makes "port to port" or even "door to door" services available for its customers.

Integrity and Service

Integrity is central to Magtec's business model. Magtec has a focus on both customer and employee satisfaction on the premise that a happy staff makes happy customers. Magtec understands customers' needs from beginning to end and intends for its customers to always receive impeccable service.

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