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Business Intelligence Procurement

Magtec is not only the business companies go to for logistics, distribution and marketing services, it is also where they go in order to develop a world-class business plan.

With its extensive and ever-growing business connections and business savvy, Magtec knows how to design and develop a business plan that is unique to every individual business, vendor, client and customer.

Leader in Procurement

As a leader in procurement, Magtec has long-standing experience, and a first-rate reputation, in the acquisition of petrochemical and paper goods. Well aware of every link in the chain of the distribution channel, and with strong connections all along that chain, Magtec performs above and beyond expectations in the connection of product with end-user. It consistently meets the requirements of both the manufacturer and the purchasing customer in terms of cost, time, location, quantity and quality.

Leader in Business Intelligence

Magtec is a leader in business intelligence. Tactics that it applies to its business intelligence model include the identification, extraction and analysis of data. Some of these measures may incorporate data surrounding sales revenue relevant to individual products or they may relate to particular departments and their specific costs and their incomes.

The technologies involved in business intelligence are capable of providing past, current, and predictive perspectives on a company's business operations. These data that reveal priceless make-it-or-break-it data are manifested by processes such as analytics, business performance management, data mining, process mining and benchmarking, to name but a few.

All of these invaluable components of business intelligence contribute to Magtec's client realizing the potential for superior business decisions.

In the process of careful, analytical and forward-thinking business development, Magtec employs techniques aimed at attracting new customers to a business, while continuing first-class satisfaction with their present customers. Magtec works tirelessly to penetrate new markets, a central focus in the development of all business plans.

Leader in Business Development

Some of the techniques Magtec employs in developing a business plan include: competitor and customer intelligence gathering, drafting sales policies, sales activity follow-up, lead generation, presentation proposals, accounting plans and brand development and recognition.

Magtec knows how to seek out and nurture the full potential of a business and then develop that potential via customer service, marketing and the management of information.

Magtec's highly-talented, highly-experienced, dedicated, culturally diverse and multi-lingual staff is constantly on the lookout for expanding and enriching opportunities for all of its vendors, customers and clients. Growing business is Magtec's every day business.

Leaders in Global Marketing & Distribution