Magtec Corporation

Distribution Channels

Since 2001, Magtec has been an undeniable authority in the distribution and positioning of food and paper products in the US, Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean and South America. Magtec is the trusted source for creating a marketing plan that ensures optimal success for the placement of food and paper products.

Magtec provides solutions for inventory planning, optimizing inventory, advanced business planning, forecasting, sales and operations plans, replenishment of product, collaboration, scheduling and retail planning.

Magtec - First in Performance

No one outperforms Magtec in logistical services such as warehousing and shipping. Magtec is also a source of financing for food and paper manufacturers, providing capital for distribution of its customer's products.

Combining ease of use with sophisticated analysis of the market, Magtec offers customers optimal tools for determining placement of products. In other words, the customers of Magtec always come first.

State-of-the-art forecasting means that time, money, and products are conserved and put to their most advantageous use.

Magtec - First in Analysis

The analysis Magtec provides its customers allows them to reduce inventory while increasing orders. Error-free order fulfillment, delivered in optimal times are features that increase customer satisfaction, orders, and word-of-mouth.

Magtec listens to the expertise of its customers and incorporates this knowledge and experience into an overall plan. Every customer is acknowledged as unique, with individual needs and requirements. Magtec responds with a marketing plan that addresses those components for each customer.

Magtec provides advanced analysis capabilities, such as filtering and segmentation, so that all customers can access any level of detail, large or small, to focus on developing and maintaining the most profitable options.

Magtec is Flexible

Inventory Supply Chain Network

Due to the flexibility of accessing real-world data, company planners can make a laser-pointed study of the entire inventory in their supply chain network. Orders can be constructively constrained by shipping capacities such as minimum order, by container, by seasonality, or by warehouse space. In addition, customers can readily look into their forecast, history and available inventory.

As there are many ways a company can analyze data, Magtec knows it's important that access to this data is "user friendly" while flexible, empowering the customer. Magtec is aware that customers need to be taking action in response to the available data, not mired down in navigating and translating data. Flexibility is the lynchpin of Magtec's care of its customers' business.

Magtec Provides Growth for its Customers

Magtec wants what its customers want - growth and expansion. Companies can change their business practices to respond to changes in the market efficiently and seamlessly at all levels of their business. This is accomplished by easily administering large volumes of data for any number of end users. All components are orchestrated to increase inventory turns, decrease inventory levels, and increase fill rates.

Magtec - Employs an All-Inclusive View

Magtec takes a global view of its customer's business by employing an optimum-practice approach. This approach integrates employees, business process', technology and customers to establish excellent planning, positioning and success.

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